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Welcome to ScreenBot
Random Drug Test Scheduling and Notification Service

ScreenBot is a random drug test scheduling and notification service for individuals and small organizations. Get random drug test scheduling through an independent third party. Take out bias and resentment from arbitrary drug test scheduling and make it truly random and thoroughly independent.

Traditionally, there has been no easy way for individuals to schedule random drug tests in the home environment. It can be difficult for one spouse to say to the other that today they must take a drug test without the question of, "Why today?" coming up. ScreenBot solves these problems by determining the testing schedule for you in an unbiased and independent way. There is nobody at which to point fingers. Simply put, the software says today is a testing day.

You set the controls such as the chance of a random test on any given day by assigning a percentage value (such as 10%) for a random test to occur. When a test does occur, often you don't really want to test the very next day, so you can assign a number of days off from testing before random testing begins again. Don't want to go too long without a test? You can set the maximum number of days of random testing before a test is mandatory. And, ScreenBot sends you a notification each day at a preset time that you define containing that day's testing information.

Let ScreenBot take the the worry and frustration out scheduling drug tests by making it truly random, independent, and unbiased.

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